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Commander Joanne Heroy-Giller  commander@sanibelcaptivasps.org
Executive Officer George May  execofficer@sanibelcaptivasps.org
Education Officer Steve Abbott  education@sanibelcaptivasps.org
Assistant Ed. Officer Lori Turner  asstedofficer@sanibelcaptivasps.org
Administrative Officer Tom Schmidt  admin@sanibelcaptivasps.org
Assistant Admin. Officer Marge Lieblein  assistadmin@sanibelcaptivasps.org
Secretary Lynne Campean  secretary@sanibelcaptivasps.org
Assistant Sec. Francine Dale  assistantsecretary@sanibelcaptivasps.org
Treasurer John Fridlington  treasurer@sanibelcaptivasps.org
Assistant Treas. Dan Richardson  assistanttreasurer@sanibelcaptivasps.org
Members at Large Pat Schmidt  mal1@sanibelcaptivasps.org (All MAL)
  Gregg Wickstra  
  Jay Brown  
  Rogers Hemphill  
Rules Chair Sandy Trevor (1 Yr.) rules@sanibelcaptivasps.org (all Rules)
Rules Jim Strothers (2 Yrs.) serat@sanibelcaptivasps.org 
Rules Roger Heider (3 Yrs.) rogerheider@mac.com  
Nominating Com. Chair Steve Abbott(1 Yr.)  nominations@sanibelcaptivasps.org
Nominating Com. Pat Schmidt(2 Yrs.)  
Nominating Com. Carol Allen  
Nominating Com. Charlene Timothy  
Nominating Com. Marge Lieblein  
Audit Com. Chair Ellen Trevor (1 Yr.) audit@sanibelcaptivasps.org
Audit Com. Vicki Ross (2 Yr.)  
Audit Com. George Campean (3 Yr.)  


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